I kroywara I

‘How can I re-calibrate myself?’ the ego of mankind is asking the its soul. It is celebrating and collaborating. KROYWARA is the process of re-burning wood piles (of insufficiently burned tree trunks and branches) and something that takes place in laboratories.

The odor of the chemical practice reaches the smoke of combustion residues from the agricultural process. This game, of limited damage to culture and nature with short-term effects, makes us more aware that she is creating us.

The idea I kroywara I: when I walk with you, you walk with I is about assisting each others as far as we can. A concept that demonstrates cooperation of opposites and can be considered such as the Maya notion Inlakech: you are a different me and I am another you.

KROYWARA is the experience of duality in life, and the other side of violence. To honor our differences. Dialectical approaches will most definitely thrive us together.