‘I’ do not exist…

‘OPERATE’ together

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‘NOTHING’ isn’t new…


After two dialogues on contradictions – a conversation in 2010 about contrast, and in 2012 about harmony- in this third concept the focus is on synergy. This dialogue reflects violence, in such a way that it transforms into strength. ‘A conviction’: one can act in such a way that others are given room to grow. And you are most definitely welcome to join our participation.

180701 Theo Masrakaba (38) (Kopie)

just POSSESSED | 2018, Suriname

This concept symbolizes transformation. It refers to evolution and denotes a psychological state that connects us with multiple realms. Participants and artwork become one in a ceremony, where people are ‘just WALKING’ towards ‘A message’ about human values in the 21st century.

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just DOTS

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just NEWS

MISSION 21 (2018)PUR BLAKA (2017) | NYUN STEN (2016)


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Feeling through thinking

A conversation in Peubla, Mexico, is leading to see: there is no process without thinking. Un-spontaneously they will lead children to what comes out of this process.


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To those conversations

Created in Mexico City and Puebla after a visit to Museo de Arte Moderno de Mexico where work of the Arp Foundation inspired into interesting conversations.

When leaving Suriname with colored papers, the plan was to do something with children in Cusco, Peru. While still on the way, a child started to play. Spontaneously it gave other children what came out of the process.